Emu Loader


Run and control all options of your emulators


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Emu Loader suits you if you are one of those gamers who like to play games of all platforms but you only have your PC. Specially if you like to remember old classics.

If you have several emulators in your computer, for sure that it annoys you when you have to change your emulator to change the game you are playing. So Emu Loader is the solution.

You will only have to run Emu Loader and you will have all them at only one click and you’ll be able to control all options of them from it.

Emu Loader uses the emulators installed in your computer and unifies them in just one assistant.

From now on, you will only have to load one Emu Loader and you’ll play all your games.

- Support for MAME 0.130
- Game selection bar, TreeView/ListView font color and alpha blend fixes for dark backgrounds
- New main tool bar button: &34;Screen Orientation&34; (horizontal/vertical)
- New options to create .ini files for left panel (screen refresh rate, year, manufacturer) and fixes to existing ones
- Some UI fixes and adjustments

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